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Are you wondering what the cost of gastric bypass surgery is? If you’re seeking help with obesity, you might already be tossing around the idea of weight loss surgery procedures, especially if you aren’t losing weight on a traditional diet. Before you can truly begin to plan a weight loss procedure, you should first consider whether or not you can afford to make the life change.

Can I Afford the Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Funding a weight loss surgery out-of-pocket might very well be the best investment you’ll ever make. You could wake up each day with a fresh start on life, no longer burdened or embarrassed because you need help with obesity.

Imagine going to the gym or for a long walk, and craving healthy foods that make you feel good and look your best. Can you afford to have gastric bypass surgery? Or better yet, can you afford not to?

Gastric bypass surgery in the United States is quite costly. It can range anywhere between $20,000-$50,000. In addition to the surgeon’s fees, the X-rays and the hospital stay, many people also find that they need post-op cosmetic procedures to remove sagging skin or to lift and contour their new bodies. Once you add all the expenses up this can become quite a hefty bill. While some insurance companies might cover some of the expense of weight loss surgery if it’s deemed medically necessary, many people tap into their own savings account to fund their weight loss efforts.

Should I Go to Mexico for Weight Loss Surgery?

Why do people go to developing countries such as Mexico for surgeries? Lower costs (typically 1/10th the price) is obviously the most attractive factor.

Regardless of the expense, finding a reputable surgeon that you can trust is key in any medical procedure. Don’t be so quick to go for the lowest-priced option or to seek a budget-minded alternative to superior care.

While Ready 4a Change facilitates patients with affordable surgeons working throughout Mexico, all doctors work within HIPPA-compliant hospitals and are well-educated and experienced.

Medical tourism is a growing industry, as patients continue to see the economic value of travelling abroad for out-of-pocket plastic surgery or lap band and gastric bypass procedures. We have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss dreams within a limited budget. Today, we want to help you.

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