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Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: Experience World Class Healthcare

While weight loss procedures like vertical sleeve gastrectomy, lap band and gastric bypass surgery are often promoted as quick and simple medical services it is obviously still important to make sure you are receiving the best care possible from the most highly qualified medical professionals in the industry. So where are some of the best doctors for weight loss surgery?

A little known fact is that doctors in Mexico have actually been performing some of these weight loss surgeries much longer than doctors in the United States. Not only does this mean that individual doctors in the top Mexican hospitals have far more personal experience in performing these weight loss procedures, but they have been instrumental in developing the best techniques and are able to perform them much more efficiently than American doctors who have just begun to practice them.

Sometimes when you hear the words “Mexico” and “surgery” put together in the same sentence, some people conjure up the image of back street parlours from Hollywood movies. However, this is far from the reality of the world class medical centers and multi billion dollar hospital facilities that Mexican cities like Cancun, Tijuana and Monterrey now boast. These state of the art hospitals easily rival the most prestigious in the world not only for looks but for having the latest technology and equipment and offering 5 star service.

Hospitals in Mexico are considered superior by many not just for the expertise of the doctors and the world class facilities, but also for the attention and personal service. Your health and safety of course are your primary concerns, but this doesn’t mean that you should not be treated as a valued patient and given the best in personal care that just seems to be lacking more and more in US hospitals.

When it comes to weight loss surgery you will definitely find the highest level of professionalism and health care in actual hospitals compared to small private surgical centers. Hospitals are able to not only provide the best in overall care, but the best trained staff along with the best prices. Do not be fooled by glitzy advertisements, make sure you are getting the best of all worlds when choosing a destination for your weight loss procedure. When making your decision, look for those hospitals that have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, the international body that inspects and approves hospitals based on the conditions and level of health care. Also look for those hospitals that are affiliated with the world’s other most respected medical facilities like the Mayo Clinic and who are involved in education exchange programs with the world’s leading medical schools like Harvard Medicine.

While doctors in Mexico certainly consist of the cream of the crop of weight loss specialists, you will also be delighted to find that the cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico is available at a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the US, without having to sacrifice quality or care. While prices can vary you will find that you can save thousands of dollars by making the short trek south of the border to cities like Tijuana, Cancun or Monterrey. The saving on weight loss surgery procedures can vary between 30-70% of US prices.

For many the trip to the best Mexican hospitals is not only shorter than to any of the top US hospitals, but also much more enjoyable. They call it medical tourism for a reason and many visitors and patients use the opportunity for soaking up the sun for a few days along with incredible beaches and exploring the vibrant culture. So for those looking into weight loss surgery of any kind take a look at what the top hospitals in Mexico provide in terms of cost, service and of course expertise before making an informed decision and you may not only find yourself coming back well on your way to getting in the best shape of your life, but with a great tan, a refreshed mind and soul, and several thousand dollars extra in your pocket.

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