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Have you experienced the joy of cooking paleo diet recipes?

Whether you’re looking to modify your diet after bariatric weight loss surgery or simply interested in a healthier lifestyle, paleo is an ancient art in eating that goes straight back to the caveman days. Food was simpler then, and our predecessors benefitted from eating the way that their bodies were evolved to digest food, with nourishment straight from Mother Nature. Getting back to eating the way our bodies were designed to handle is one of the healthiest choices we can make for ourselves.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, gets its name from the Paleolithic era when cavemen roamed the earth. The idea is pretty straightforward and simple. Eat the foods our ancestors ate long before processed and convenience foods came along. Eating paleo means consuming only lean meats, fruits, nuts and vegetables. (Gasp! You say, no dairy?) No dairy is correct. No butter. No cream. No cheese. No flour. No sugar. Paleo is an extremely healthy dietary lifestyle that will help you drop those last few pounds (and keep them off for good).

Popular Paleo Diet Recipes

There are so many mouth-watering and nutrient-rich paleo diet recipes, you might feel like you’re cheating once you’ve ventured into this new lifestyle change. From hearty soups and stews, to salads and main courses, be sure to visit the following sites for an abundance of easy to prepare paleo diet recipes so that you can get to cooking.

Paleo Grubs
The Paleo Diet
Paleo Plan

Benefits of a Paleo Lifestyle

The main benefits from adopting a paleo diet are losing weight and maintaining your health. If you’re considering gastric bypass surgery it’s also important to consider how you’ll continue losing weight after your surgery is complete, and then of course, how you’ll maintain it.

Changing your mindset, how you view eating, and understanding your emotional triggers are fundamental steps in making a permanent and successful lifestyle change. Many people love the paleo diet because it is sustainable. Most people feel energetic and not the least bit deprived after cooking up a satisfying dish of vegetables, meats, or fish.

In addition to removing gluten and dairy from your diet, which you might be allergic to, adhering to a paleo diet can also be instrumental in the relief of chronic pain. Eating the way our bodies were intended to eat can reduce inflammation, the leading cause of chronic pain. A healthy diet will also help prevent or control things like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Why not experience the joy of cooking paleo diet recipes and see if it makes a difference for you?

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