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I have a very serious question about weight loss surgery. I have been dieting my whole life. I recently found your website and am seriously considering weight loss surgery in Mexico, but first I have a few concerns.

First, I am concerned about my safety. I have never even thought about going to Mexico for a weight loss procedure until now. I don’t have insurance so this seems like a very possible option that I can actually afford. My second concern is feeling like a failure. About ten years ago I made the promise that I’d never get bariatric surgery. I made lifestyle commitments that I broke. I dieted, I tried low-carb, South Beach, egg fast, you name it. Nothing has worked. But I admit I am a sucker for poor food choices. I guess part of me feels like I should have been able to keep these promises to myself. How do people get bariatric surgery without a twinge of guilt, that maybe they didn’t try hard enough?


Fat-Shaming Myself

Dear Fat-Shaming Myself,

Thanks for finding our website. You made the first step in a life-changing direction. It’s never easy to reach out, especially to voice such valid concerns. We commend you for your honesty.

Ready 4a Change facilitates weight loss surgery in Mexico with trusted and skilled surgeons. You are absolutely right that hopping on a plane and flying to Mexico for bariatric surgery could be a nightmare in the making. When you work with one of our Care Facilitators, you have a league of allies on your side. We have fully vetted expert surgeons and hospitals to ensure they are certified and compliant. We facilitate with the very best, so please put those worries aside.

If you have worked diligently to lose weight and are still struggling, it’s normal to feel like a failure. If you’ve failed because you’ve given in to temptation too many times, it’s also normal to feel like a failure. But here’s the truth. You’re not. Everyone carries weight differently. Life struggles and stress can cause people to over-indulge or lose self-control. So can underlying medical issues, prescriptions, and even genetics.

If you have the opportunity to change your life and you can afford it, why wouldn’t you? A lifetime of diets and failed exercise programs is no way to live. Look at the constant state of grief you’ve put yourself in. Now you’re questioning if you’re even worth the happiness that will most likely follow your weight loss surgery. Of course you are!

Do you have a strong family support system? A trusted doctor you can share your concerns with? We recommend you discuss your weight loss woes with your care provider and then contact us when you’re ready to make the next step. The journey to weight loss begins now.

Best of luck!

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