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New Body Image Can Increase Sex Drive

An active sex life is important as it promotes a wholesome life and gives way to a content relationship, which furthers develops the overall health of an individual. Individuals after bariatric surgery often look forward to a healthy sexual life they were missing earlier usually due to their poor self-esteem and discomforts of having sex due to a morbidly obese body.

How Obesity Affects Sexual Relationships?

Almost, 60 percent of morbidly obese people suffer from sexual dysfunction, which is usually caused due to excess weight. Obese men suffer from obesity related Erectile Dysfunction (ED) where they have low levels of testosterone. With the increase in weight, the levels of testosterone keep on decreasing. Other problems that are associated with erectile dysfunction include cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and high blood lipids. Obese men may also experience shortness of breath during intercourse.

On the other hand, obese women are at increased risk of having polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is the one main cause of infertility in women. Medicines and drugs used by many people to lose weight also negatively interfere with their sexual activities. Furthermore, an unshapely body caused due to excess fat lowers the self- esteem of an obese person and in turn reduces their sex drive.

Research has indicated that weight loss surgery greatly boosts the sexual activity of an individual. This mainly happens due to the new body image, reduction in the illnesses caused due to excess weight, better functioning of sex hormones and improved mental health of an affected person. It is quite obvious the reduced size of a person after weight loss really enables flexibility and ease during sex.

When to Have Sex After Bariatric Surgery?

Many people inquire with their surgeon regarding the sexual activity after bariatric surgery. Most surgeons advise their patients to avoid having sex for the first few weeks after weight loss surgery. Sexual activity after surgery may tear ruptures and incisions and delay the healing procedure. Patients should check with their surgeon before engaging in sexual activity after bariatric surgery.

During the initial phase after surgery, it is important for women to practice a safe form of birth control to avoid pregnancy. Conceiving during the initial phase of rapid weight loss is not suggested since both the expecting mother and unborn baby are at a risk of suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Most surgeons advise their female patients to wait for getting pregnant until the process of losing weight has been stabilized.

How to Have A Safe Sex After Weight Loss Surgery?

It is imperative to progress sensibly as one engages in sexual activity after weight loss surgery. You should be aware of your body changes and check for any discomfort that may happen during sex. The symptoms include shortness of breath, dizziness, pain and fatigue which could happen during your sexual activity. If the pain is prolonged, it should be immediately reported to the surgeon. Also, take care of the loose skin that results due to substantial loss of weight. If you need, you may consult a plastic surgery to ask about removal of hanging and loose skin.

Sexual issues should be thoroughly discussed with the surgeon to avoid any risks later. Your doctor will let you know what is best for you and your health. Have realistic goals and expectations of recovery after weight loss surgery and this will help you in creating a healthy sex life.

Does Weight Loss Surgery Promote Better Sex Life?

Obesity makes physical movement difficult and also restricts various positions needed for engaging in sexual activities. The physical discomfort and bad health greatly affects the relationship of an obese individual. People losing excess weight after weight loss surgery found their sexual desires rising to greater extent. This occurs because the sex hormones stored in the fat cells are released in the blood stream with the loss of body’s fat, which in turn arouses the sexual desire of a person.

According to the research conducted by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, nearly 70 percent of individuals who have bariatric surgery report improvement in their sex lives within a few months after surgery. Most of the factors responsible for improved sex lives for people with weight loss surgery include better body, stable mood and change in hormonal functions. Thus, weight loss surgery has an additional benefit of improving the sexual life of a person apart from helping in getting rid of obesity and obesity related diseases.

Sex is a part of a happy and healthy life of a person and many obese people want to have an improved sex life as they lose their excess fat. The psychological, physical and emotional changes that follow weight loss surgery surely has a positive effect on sex life of an individual.

Remember, it is vital to stabilize your weight and health after bariatric surgery. You can easily maintain your ideal weight by following the bariatric diet, commitment and a confident outlook for your future.

*Please note this article is provided for information only and should not be taken as medical advice. Always follow the recommendations of your physician.

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