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Removal of Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Do you have problems with loose excess skin after weight loss surgery or diet?  If yes, then you may be wondering if having plastic surgery to remove your excess skin may be right for you.

Why Plastic Surgery for the Removal of Excess Skin After Weight Loss?

Bariatric surgery is quite popular and successful among people who wish to lose their excess weight. Most people are usually pleased with the results obtained after bariatric surgery, but they may have to face a new problem after surgery. Weight loss surgery normally leaves loose and hanging skin after ample fat loss. This mainly happens because the skin gets permanently damaged due to extreme stretching with previously accumulated fat, and so the skin is not able to retract back to its natural state after significant weight loss.

Generally, a small amount of hanging skin is usually manageable, but one who has lost substantial amount of weight is left with a lot of extra hanging skin. The leftover skin is uncomfortable for an affected person since it may affect their self-esteem and causes discomfort due to skin breakdown, skin fold infections, and skin rashes. Also, the person may struggle for even exercising and getting dress up due to the uneasiness caused by loose skin.

Many individuals who lose weight through weight loss surgery often opt for plastic surgery to remove their excess skin; and to get their toned and body-hugging skin back. Plastic surgery easily rectifies the problems of hanging skin caused by weight loss surgery.

The data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicate the occurrence of more than 52,000 plastic surgeries following bariatric surgery in the year 2003, and this figure has increased by 18% since 2004. Thus, to eliminate sagging skin, individuals may consider plastic surgery to reshape their bodies.

Your Consultation With Plastic Surgeon

As with all kinds of surgeries, having a consultation of a qualified surgeon is reasonably essential in determining the technique and final expected results of reshaping your body. During the consultation your surgeon usually inquires about your medical history, psychological and physical health and your expectation following plastic surgery.

This is an appropriate time for patients to clear all doubts and get acquainted with the risks and side-effects that may have to face during and after surgery. Therefore, people wanting to have a toned body should find a suitable and experienced plastic surgeon who may deal with their condition safely and carefully.

How Soon Can You Have Plastic Surgery to Remove Excess Skin after Weight Loss Surgery?

It is advisable to wait for at least three months or a year after weight loss surgery, depending on the body’s constancy and condition of a patient desiring plastic surgery. This is because if you continue losing weight even after plastic surgery, you might have to go for another body contouring surgery to remove excess loose skin. This time period also helps stabilizing the weight of a patient after bariatric surgery and makes him physically and mentally ready for another surgery.

Significance of Physical and Psychological Health Prior to Plastic Surgery

The saggy and hanging skin caused due to significant loss of weight may be the cause of embarrassment and humiliation for a person. The intensity of psychological and physical stress brings about by the excess skin can become the reason of added complication after plastic surgery. You will probably experience fewer difficulties with stable physical and mental condition.

Individuals considering plastic surgery should get checked themselves for any nutrients, vitamin or mineral deficiency especially for Vitamin A, D, E, Iron, zinc and calcium. It is vital to have a high-protein diet to cope with healing following surgery.

Additionally, one should have a sound mental health before going for plastic surgery to handle recovery sessions, depression and mood swings. Thus, it is important for one to consider their overall physical health and mental before going for plastic surgery.

Potential Risks and Side-Effects of Plastic Surgery

Any surgery has its own sets of risks, but to have the best results, it is crucial that you get your surgery performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. You can easily find the best and qualified surgeon by searching online and reading reviews of others who have also undergone surgery from the same surgeon.

While bariatric surgery helps lose you excess weight, plastic surgery assist in trimming your loose and sagging skin caused due to fat loss and make you look fit and toned. So, if you want to get back to your natural figure, plastic surgery after weight loss is a wise option.

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