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I am seriously considering traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery. It is a cost-effective option and I’ll be able to save thousands of dollars.

I came across your site after researching Mexico bariatric surgery options.

I just read on a different website that I do not need a passport to travel to Mexico because the medical tourism company provides ground transportation through the border after departing from San Diego.

I have never heard of such a thing! I always thought you needed a passport whenever you left the country? Especially if you want to reenter. This claim has made me very concerned about working with this other bariatric weight loss surgery website. I am so happy I found Ready 4a Change.

Could you shed some light on this and provide me with the actual facts? If I need a passport I need to get one before I schedule my surgery, so I want to make sure everything is in order before I schedule my gastric sleeve procedure. And of course, I plan on booking with you.

Thank you,
An American Tourist

Dear An American Tourist,

Thanks for writing us and for visiting our website. We are the oldest and most trusted medical tourism company. We’ve facilitated thousands of bariatric surgery procedures, and we’re also former patients.

We’re terribly sorry you ran into some confusing information. You were very smart to question that site’s credibility after claiming you will not need a passport to travel to Mexico for your weight loss surgery. This all depends on how far you travel into Mexico, and how long you stay.

Unfortunately there are many websites and medical tourism facilitators that will advise you not comply with US law regarding passports. If a company suggests you flagrantly violate US law, what other standards are they cutting corners on?

You can apply for a passport by visiting select United States Post Office branches. Rush delivery is an option for an additional fee.

We’re very happy you’ve found our site. We take pride in caring for our clients from the beginning to the very end of their weight loss journey. Please read some of our success stories, and then contact us to begin working with a Care Coordinator.

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