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Before you pack your bags, set foot on the plane, and arrive in Mexico for bariatric surgery, you need to read these tips. Why? Because it’s important that anyone who is considering a foreign medical procedure understands the risks of the unknown. Ready 4a Change has been facilitating weight loss surgery in Mexico for many years and we are considered the oldest and most trusted medical tourism company. This is why we’re not afraid to give you the brutally honest truth. Read this before you go to Mexico for bariatric surgery.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Safe

While weight loss surgery in Mexico is more affordable than the US by thousands of dollars, not all care is created equal. Since you will not be meeting face-to-face with your bariatric surgeon prior to your weight loss surgery date, it’s crucial that you can trust and feel safe in their hands. The online presence and reviews of many Mexico doctors has been a very helpful resource for many people who want to know more about their weight loss options. It’s even better if you work with a Facilitator from Ready 4a Change, who has been there, done that, and has a team onboard who is completely familiar with the doctors and their affiliated hospitals.Do you really want to go through this alone?

Bariatric Surgery is Not for Everyone

First off, you have to be obese to even be a candidate for bariatric surgery. Second, you have to understand the commitments that will follow. You’re not going to be able to eat like you used to. You might even feel like a stranger when you look in the mirror. Making a significant body change through weight loss surgery is MAJOR. Having a support system and a plan for life after bariatric surgery is necessary for your success. If you can’t make these commitments, don’t get major surgery.

There Might Be Side Effects

There are many side effects that can happen after bariatric surgery. Ready 4a Change is confident that the surgeons we facilitate procedures with keep a very close eye on patients while they are recovering. This is our experience, and part of what makes us different. We have heard the horror stories of patients who awaken in a hospital bed without any nurses or physicians in sight. Pair that with a language barrier, and going to Mexico for bariatric surgery could very well be a living nightmare. Don’t think that thousands of dollars later you’ll be safe and in good hands. There are bad doctors and poor hospitals everywhere. No matter where you live!

How Clean is the Place?

Hospitals are a magnet for bacteria and germs. Your health and safety is important, especially when you undergo major surgery. Clean linens and sterile surgical equipment and supplies might be compromised if it means the surgeon or the hospital can save money. You will not be walking through the hospital before you undergo your surgery. You will not have assurance that supplies are new. This is exactly why Ready 4a Change facilitates weight loss surgery with trustworthy and credible surgeons and hospitals who operate with integrity. Even if you do not use our services to book a gastric bypass, we want you to know, and most importantly understand the risks. (Before you go to Mexico for bariatric surgery.)

Beware of Scammers

There’s a sucker born every minute. Are the websites you are visiting secure? Beware of doctors or weight loss companies who process your money on unsecured websites. Even in Mexico bariatric surgery costs thousands of dollars. Before you pay a single down payment you need to ensure a website and the company is legit, or you’ll be losing a lot more than weight.

You Deserve the Best

If you’re ready for a change, we’d love to help. Our experience has enabled us to provide superior advice and service to anyone interested in bariatric surgery in Mexico. Your life, health, and safety are invaluable. And so is your happiness. Contact us today.

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