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Is Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

If you are a former weight loss surgery patient and are thinking about starting a family, you will to learn that pregnancy after weight loss surgery is possible as well safe, especially when right instructions are followed. Factually, it is safer to get pregnant after weight loss surgery than it is to become pregnant while with excess pounds on your body. It has been found that morbidly obese woman does not easily conceive, but if they do get pregnant, there are chances of having a complicated pregnancy.

Bariatric surgery helps protect pregnant mothers and their unborn babies from health risks including high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. It has also been found that woman undergone bariatric surgery usually gain only the required weight in their pregnancy as compared to other obese women. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy usually poses high health threats to both the expecting mother and child, and it may also lead to Caesarian delivery.

According to a published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association,

“Rates of many adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes may be lower in women who become pregnant after having had bariatric surgery compared with rates in pregnant women who are obese.”

Obesity and Apparent Complications to Pregnancy

Pregnant women who are struggling with the excess weight are more likely to face difficulties associated with pregnancy and delivery. Some of the risks for obese pregnant mothers include fluid build up in the body, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, chest infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn, headaches, postpartum hemorrhage, fetal distress, urinary and genital tract infection, hypertension and intrauterine death.

Weight Loss Surgery Improves and Cures Infertility in Women

Many studies have found that the rates of infertility have actually improved and cured among women of childbearing age who had undergone weight loss surgery.

An article “Improvement in infertility and pregnancy outcomes after weight loss surgery,” which is published in May 2007 in the journal “Medical Clinics of North America,” states that: “Pregnancy after weight loss surgery is not only safe, but is associated with more favorable outcomes in comparison to obese populations who do not undergo weight loss surgery.”

Obese women who lose weight are more likely to ovulate regularly and are more capable of conceiving. Additionally, there are probabilities of improving polycystic ovarian syndrome, imbalance sex hormones and menstrual abnormalities in a woman after bariatric surgery, all of which facilitates to successful pregnancy.

Worried About Your Baby’s Health during Pregnancy?

Many women who get pregnant after weight loss surgery usually worry about the health of their unborn babies. This happens mainly because of the strict and limited diet they have to take after the surgery. If you are planning pregnancy after your weight loss surgery, it is advisable to have a consultation of your health care provider. Depending on the type of weight loss surgery, you will be prescribed certain nutritional supplements including vitamins like A, C, E and minerals that would be helpful for the proper growth of your baby.

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery is usually safe, but it is crucial to have your thorough examination and check-ups during your full term of pregnancy. It is also important to have an appointment of your gynecologist, weight loss surgeon and nutritionists so that they may examine for any complications that may arise during pregnancy and treat it early.

So, if you are planning to conceive after weight loss surgery, don’t panic, just go ahead and enjoy the experience of motherhood.

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