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What to Pack for Your Bariatric Surgery in Mexico with Ready4aChange

Congratulations on taking the first step to regain your health! It is perfectly normal to be feeling excited and nervous about your upcoming travel and procedure. One of our most common questions is “What should I pack when traveling for weight loss surgery?

  • Travel Documents

    Check for passport or other requirements. You will need a passport to travel to Mexico. Please check with your patient coordinator for the latest travel requirements or go to U.S. Department of State – International Travel.

  • Your Luggage

    Ideally, it’s best to pack light using a simple wheeled carry on. If you must bring a larger suitcase, please ensure it is a wheeled pull-behind model as lifting items immediately following your surgery is not recommended.

  • Personal Items

    Plan to bring your personal hygiene items, current medications in original prescription bottles, pajamas, and a few changes of clothing. Lightweight clothing with elastic waist bands and slip on shoes are recommended.

  • Entertainment

    For entertainment, we recommend e-readers and tablets as they are lightweight, pack easily, and are accessible from anywhere.

    If you wish to use your cell phone during your stay in Mexico, we recommend adding an international calling AND DATA plan to your mobile account prior to arriving in Mexico to avoid outrageous roaming fees. International calling from the hotel phone can be quite expensive, so please utilize either your personal cell phone with international coverage or a pre-paid international calling card. Additionally, be mindful of any cellular data fees for additional mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and e-readers.

  • Leave Behind

    We strongly urge you to leave all your personal jewelry and valuables at home. As this is a surgical procedure, you will be required to remove all jewelry upon admittance to the hospital.

If you should have any questions at all about what to pack for your exciting journey, our staff at Ready4aChange is here to help you every step of the way!

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