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Is there a different life after bariatric surgery? Losing a substantial amount of weight and drastically changing your appearance is certain to have more than just a physical effect.

In order to continue your weight loss efforts and maintain your results you’ll need to alter your diet and introduce a healthy dose of exercise into your daily regime. Here’s a few things you need to know about what life will be like after you’ve had weight loss surgery.

Life After Bariatric Surgery: What to Expect

Diet and Meal Planning: After bariatric surgery you’ll need to adjust not just what you eat, but how you eat it. Smaller portions will become the norm as you adapt to what you can comfortably consume and digest.

Exercise: Exercise will help improve your overall physique and health and it can also boost your mood. What better way than to start your day than with a daily walk? Talk to your weight loss physician first to find out when you can begin to exercise after weight loss surgery.

Relationships: How will people react to the new and improved you? After bariatric surgery you are bound to also experience changes in your personal relationships. You might find yourself more outgoing, confident, and eager to take part in activities and events you might have turned down before.

On the flipside you might feel unease towards your “new” body, self-conscience about excess skin, or even a tad bit apprehensive about enduring such a big change. Rest assured that a good support system can help you overcome these issues. Counseling, close friends, and family members can help you address and deal with any new changes in your personal relationships.

Surgery: After weight loss surgery many people opt for cosmetic surgery options to contour their new body or to remove the excess skin that remains after surgery. Some of these procedures might include face lifts, body lifts, or a panniculectomy.

We want to help you thrive after your weight loss procedure. Understanding what life after bariatric surgery consists of will help you feel even more confident in making a life-changing decision.

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