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You’ve Decided to Have Weight Loss Surgery – So, What Now?

You’ve finally made the exciting decision to go ahead with bariatric surgery in Mexico, so what should you be doing now?

Visit Your Primary Care Physician

Discuss your intention to have weight loss surgery with your primary doctor. Your doctor knows your health best. While it’s not necessary, ask your doctor if you need a short pre-operative physical before you travel. Your surgeon will do all preoperative testing; however it’s a good idea to be examined by your doctor. Your doctor may discover or advise you of a condition that may require treatment prior to having surgery. This can save you time and the travel expense of discovering the condition during your preoperative tests after arrival only to have to reschedule your surgery for a later date.

Plan Your Travel

For many medical tourists, the idea of traveling to another country for a medical procedure – or even traveling at all, may be stressful. Just know that you aren’t alone! To ensure a smooth travel experience for weight loss surgery, follow some of our helpful tips:

  • Check for passport or other requirements. You will need a passport to fly into Mexico. Please check with your patient coordinator for the latest travel requirements or go to U.S. Department of State – International Travel.
  • Decide who (or if) you want to take someone with you. Does that person have the necessary current travel documents?
  • Plan your arrival flight early in the day for pre-operative testing and getting settled in.
  • Plan your departure flight home for later in the day so you’re not rushed. You may need extra time at the airport or in customs.
  • Make sure you provide your accurate flight itinerary information to your coordinator so you will be picked up at the airport at the proper time. Your coordinator will make your hotel and shuttle arrangements.

Follow Your Pre-op Instructions!

All weight loss surgery patients must be on a specified pre-op diet prior to their surgery, as well as undergoing a bowel preparation. It’s important to stick to this diet, even though the idea of traveling may induce some stress-eating urges. Remember, you’ve come this far! Don’t sabotage it with a last minute hot dog in the airport!

If you have any questions about your surgery preparation or travel arrangements, do not hesitate to contact your Ready4aChange Care Coordinator. Our team is here to help and support you along the way!

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