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If you’re considering bariatric surgery you might be wondering if it’s the lazy way to lose weight. Perhaps your friends, loved ones, or even your critics have made you feel guilty about a weight loss operation. Paired with your own inner struggles, these feelings of guilt can make it very difficult to make a sound decision. Consider the following before you rule out bariatric surgery.

5 Reasons Why Bariatric Surgery is Not a Lazy Approach to Weight Loss

Obesity is Not Always Lifestyle Related

Obesity is a disease. Just like diabetes, cancer, etc. For some people the obesity gene is genetic, which means it has been passed down the family chain and is very likely to affect the individual. If your parents are obese and you are also suffering from being overweight, weight loss surgery can help you live a healthier life, and reduce your risks of heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. There’s nothing lazy about being pro-active and taking care of your self.

Diets Don’t Always Work

No matter how solid your diet and exercise plan, some people just can’t diet successfully. This is especially true if you’re experiencing a weight loss stall or have a terribly slow metabolism. Reducing calories to a necessary level to encourage weight loss may not be enough food to sustain your appetite. This is a proven recipe for disaster. Sometimes the only way to achieve long-term weight loss results is to surgically reduce the amount of food your body can comfortably consume. Understanding diets do not work on everyone is not lazy.

Obesity Can Affect Mental Health

Obesity affects more than just your body, it affects your personal feelings, confidence, and even sense of self-worth. Overweight people have to dodge ridicule and accept the judgement passed on to them. Most people thing obese people lack willpower and restraint, and these opinions (no matter how inaccurate) can really make someone feel bad about themselves. Understanding your mental health and confidence is important is not lazy.

Obesity Affects Families

Obesity doesn’t just affect the individual. It affects all family members and close friends. Nobody wants to see someone that they love suffering. If you’re inactive with your children, unable to toss a ball and play in the yard, too embarrassed to go to school functions, or no longer intimate with your partner, your condition is affecting the health of the home and family unit. Understanding how obesity affects everyone you love is not lazy.

It Takes Courage

Surgery should never be taken lightly. No matter the procedure. Individuals who have decided to opt for bariatric weight loss surgery have made the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and modify behavior patterns. It takes lots of courage to look in the mirror and decide you’re worth it, your family is worth it, and that you can do it. There’s nothing lazy about being confident and determined to live the life you deserve.

Bariatric weight loss surgery is not the lazy way to lose weight. It’s a smart way to lose weight when traditional diets and exercise have failed. Are you ready for a change? Contact a Care Facilitator today and learn more about weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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