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Are you wondering why you’re not losing weight on a diet?

Perhaps you have diligently put your best foot forward and reduced your calories, opted for lower fat choices, and restricted your sugar and flour intake. Yet still, the pounds just sit content and happy with no signs of budging. Lack of results after following any diet or lifestyle change could have most people going stir crazy.

If you’ve increased your physical activity, stayed on course and you’re still not seeing a change in the scale….is it time you should consider bariatric surgery?

Why People Stop Losing Weight On a Diet

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Whenever you begin a planned diet and exercise regimen your body goes through a little shock. It wakes up, gets things moving, and then after a significant (and in some cases a minor) loss of pounds, your body decides to stop and stay just where it is at.

Instead of encouraging dieters to push through these stalls, weight loss plateaus often result in binge-eating and the return of bad habits due to the frustration that accompanies lack of progress. This often encourages a yo-yo effect of dieting where there’s a constant up and down struggle of pounds. You might feel as though you can never drop those last ten, and in many cases, you won’t. Why is that?

Most of our bodies have a pre-determined weight they’re quite comfortable staying at. If you can’t kick those last few or if you stop losing weight on a diet, it’s time to meet with your health care provider to rule out thyroid problems, underlying medical issues which might cause a slow metabolism, and to evaluate any medications that may be causing weight control problems, such as anti-psychotics, oral steroids, and hormonal medications.

Is Weight Loss Surgery the Next Step?

Bear in mind that no matter how frustrating weight loss plateaus do happen. They can last weeks, if not months to break through. If you’ve tried calorie cycling or interval exercise training and still experience a lack of results your health care provider many recommend weight loss surgery, but only if you are deemed obese.

Obesity is a complex disease. It does not mean you are lazy or overindulge in processed food or sweets. Some people are simply not losing weight on a diet because of genetics, medical conditions, and even stress.

If you’re considering bariatric surgery to help you lose fat and maintain a healthy weight, be prepared to show your health care provider evidence of failed results after following a traditional diet and exercise program. After he has established just cause, you can begin the planning of the right procedure to assist you in your weight loss goals.

Where Should I Go?

While many people opt for local weight loss surgery, some find the procedures cost-prohibitive and instead become interested in medical tourism options. If you’re not losing weight despite your best efforts and are intrigued about the opportunity to travel to Mexico to receive top-notch weight loss surgery, Ready 4A Change can help connect you with the right surgeon and HIPPA compliant hospitals for your needs.

Long-term weight loss success is always dependent on the effort. Contact a Care Coordinator today to discuss your options. If you’ve read this far, you’re ready for a change. Help is a phone call away.

Are Your Ready 4A Change?

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