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Are you wondering how to know if a website is secure?

Whether you’re researching bariatric surgeons for weight loss surgery or merely shopping online, internet security is crucial to protect both your identity and your personal information.

Don’t be scammed by fraudulent sites or those who leave their doors open for hackers to access confidential forms and agreements. Here’s what to look for to determine whether or not a website is secure and, rest assured, Ready4aChange has gone to great lengths to protect all of our site visitors.

How does one know a website is secure?

One of the first things you’ll notice when browsing a website is the URL (address) at the top. It will almost always begin with the coding: http. This means that it uses a Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This URL, while very common, does not have any added layer of security.

When you switch into a personal banking page, a purchasing transaction, or wherever you might share personal information or financial details, the URL should change from http to https
Go ahead and visit your favorite shopping sites and take note how the URL goes back to http:// from https:// after you exit the purchasing page and return to browsing.

If you’re processing personal information or payments on a site that does not have the extra “s” at the end of http, your transaction is NOT secure, and you should exit immediately to protect your financial data and your identity.

In addition to checking out the URL, site visitors should check for what is called a “Lock” icon. You should find a little padlock image located somewhere within the browser’s window. Now, it doesn’t just stop there. Just seeing the image means nothing. You need to double-click the padlock to read the details of the website’s security. If you don’t test the functionality of the icon you could be visiting a fraudulent site with a website bar that has an imitation image to scam you.

Why is website security so important?

Website security is important because it is the representation of a brand. If a business doesn’t offer a secure site, it compromises its relationships with customers. From spreading malware, stealing confidential or banking information, names and email addresses, or even crashing a website, a single security breach can be the kiss of death for not only the company, but also the visitor.

Ready 4a Change is the oldest and most trusted medical tourism company for a reason. We take your privacy very seriously and offer our assurance that our website is a safe place to visit and return to.

How does one ensure that a payment portal and form sharing are secure?

Online transactions are a modern occurrence that eases the speed and convenience of payments. Unfortunately, defrauded monies and identity theft are a large concern. According to PayLease.com, take a look back at Target, one of the nation’s leading retailers. In November of 2013 the personal information of nearly 110 million shoppers was compromised. Gas stations and ATM terminals are also at high risk.

A payment portal should always be encrypted. You should once again look for the lock symbol within the corner of your website browser, and also verify that the URL has an https (s) at the end, to ensure you are visiting a secure site.

Rather than use a debit card, opt for credit card transactions as much as possible. In addition, log off the website after the transaction is complete, or shut down your browser. You should always check your credit cards and bank statements after making an online payment to ensure that it has been processed correctly.

In addition to processing financial payments, these rules also apply whenever you are submitting online forms. Your identity, medical history, personal information and address, etc. should never be available to hackers if you are visiting a safe and secure web destination.

We’ll Earn Your Trust

Ready4aChange wants to earn your trust from the very beginning of your weight loss journey all the way to the end. From our protected site, researched and credible physicians with whom we book surgeries, to our devoted and concerned facilitation team, we take our client relationship very seriously.

We hope to hear from you soon. Please contact us to learn more about medical tourism and the costs and packages we proudly offer.

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