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If you’re constantly wondering how you ended up overweight, you’re not alone. It’s a very common belief that people who suffer obesity have poor eating habits and inactive lifestyles (and there’s a lot of truth in that). What may have started as a few spare pounds slowly turned into 10, 20, 30, and then- BAM! One day you looked in the mirror and became unrecognizable. But how did it happen?

How Did I End Up Overweight?

Health conditions such as hypothyroidism, hormone changes, and diabetes can really pack on the pounds. Pregnancy is another cause of weight gain. Many post-partum moms have a hard time losing pregnancy weight after the baby is born. If you’re experiencing irregular bowels, sudden fatigue, or depression, it’s time for a visit with your physician to rule out any underlying medical conditions that might be contributing to weight gain.

If you’re predisposed to storing fat, you might want to take a good look at your genes. If your body is not genetically capable of burning fat easily or controlling your appetite, you have a higher chance of suffering from obesity (unless you adopt major lifestyle and eating habits).

What could be more depressing than weight gain while taking an anti-depressant? Unfortunately, weight gain is a very common side effect of anxiety and mood disorder treatments. If you’re taking medications to treat a mental health issue and experiencing weight gain, speak with your care physician to see if other treatments will render effective without the added pounds. You’ll likely have to try several different drugs or combinations in the process, so be patient, and never choose your appearance over your mental health medications. In addition to anti-depressants, birth control pills are also associated with weight gain.

Unless you’re drinking diet drinks (which are unhealthy because of their added artificial sweeteners) a soda addiction could be a very likely cause for weight gain. The average can of soda contains hundreds of calories. If you drink 6 cans of soda per day, you could easily be over your daily caloric limit depending on your size and activity level.

How much can one drink really hurt? Well, not too much. The problem is most people who drink regularly do not drink one glass of wine per day. Often it is several glasses or beverages daily, nearly every day of the week. The extra calories and sugars in alcohol can pack on the pounds quickly if you’re not careful and diligent in practicing moderation. Pick up a glass of water instead.

If you have a sweet tooth you know all too well the sound of chocolate calling your name. A nightly serving of ice cream, a brownie, a small slice of cake, all adds up at the end of the week. Soon everyone will know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Try a different snack that is salty and you can quickly curb a sweet tooth. Pickles, peanuts, etc. can do the trick. A low carb lifestyle might also reduce your sugar cravings.

Fast Food
Modern day conveniences have their disadvantages. Fast food is one of the top culprits of obesity. Processed, oil-ridden foods are a ticket to the fast gain lane. Even what might appear like a healthy food option can contain sauces or condiments that are chock-full of sugar. If you need fast food on the fly, consider healthier choices such as a salad with olive oil and lemon wedges for dressing, boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, and grilled fish or chicken.

Portion Control
Are your portions lumberjack sized? Stress can induce hunger and get you into the habit of eating even when you’re not hungry. Learn to listen to your body and stop eating as soon as you are satisfied. (Not full. That’s an entirely different feeling.) Drink a warm glass of water or hot tea before every meal, and follow every meal with a tall glass of water. Eat only when you are hungry and never when you are anxious, upset, or bored.

What You Can Do

While individual reasons for being overweight vary, there may come a point in time you decide enough is enough.

Being overweight has many more burdens besides the physical effects, it can be difficult to be happy when you’re unsatisfied and unenergetic. If you’re considering bariatric weight loss surgery, you came to the right place. Allow us to help you take control of your life, your figure, and your future. Contact us today to learn more about bariatric surgery in Mexico. It’s an affordable alternative to failed diet and weight-loss programs.

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