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Dr. Hector Perez, Bariatric Surgeon, Cancun

Dr. Hector Perez is an experienced board certified surgeon specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery in Cancun. Today he discusses how much how gastric sleeve bariatric weight loss surgery affects the hunger hormone Ghrelin.

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Dr. Hector Perez. I’m a bariatric surgeon here in Cancun with Ready4aChange. Today, we’re going to talk about the hormone Ghrelin. Many patients ask about how does it work? Where is it? What are the results after surgery with the Ghrelin hormone?

What is Ghrelin?

What is Ghrelin? Ghrelin is a hormone that you can find in different places of the bowel, but the main source of Ghrelin is the fundus – the big pouch, you could say, of the stomach. That’s the part of the stomach that we remove when you have a gastric sleeve.

Will I Be Hungry After Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Another question is, ”Will I be hungry?” Ghrelin, indeed, is the hormone related to hunger. So, when we remove that part of the stomach you will have less hunger. We have patients that tell us, “Doctor, I just eat because it is time to eat, but the truth is I’m not hungry.” Yes, you will be hungry, but not as much as you were before surgery. Why? Because we have other places that produce Ghrelin. The small bowel also produces a small amount of Ghrelin and that causes you a little bit of hunger. Never as before surgery, but you will have hunger.

Will I Still Be Able to Produce Ghrelin After Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery?

Another question is, “Will I be able to produce Ghrelin again?” As I told you already, you still are producing Ghrelin, but you won’t be able to produce Ghrelin on the fundus of the stomach because we cut it, removed. Remember, in the gastric sleeve we staple and suture on top of the staples to make the gastric sleeve. The part that gets removed from the sleeve, it gets pulled out and doesn’t stay in the body as in a gastric bypass, where we leave a small pouch and the rest of the stomach is still in there. In a gastric sleeve, we remove the stomach so you wont be able to produce Ghrelin in that place.

I hope that answers your question about Ghrelin.

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