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Now that Spring has officially arrived and the warm weather returning is just over the horizon, it’s a great time to start taking an active role in your health by creating some easily obtainable fitness goals.

Get Walking!

No matter what your current exercise level is, medical professionals agree that walking 30 minutes a day can prevent and reduce the severity of several major health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, walking can significantly reduce stress and elevate your mood.

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Walking Regimen

1. Choose the right shoes
2. Listen to upbeat music that you love
3. Avoid getting bored by planning a route with variety in elevation and scenery
4. Find a walking buddy that’s also committed to walking for health
5. Drink lots of water

Consider Swimming

Swimming is one of the best overall activities you can do for your body. Swimming provides excellent conditioning for your heart, builds longer, leaner muscles, and strengthens your core.

While the thought of getting into a swimsuit when overweight may seem dreadful to some, swimming is an excellent choice for overweight individuals due to its low-impact on joints and is an excellent way to shed some extra pounds. In addition, most pools offer an affordable selection of water exercise classes that are not only great for your health, but great for meeting new people.

Get Your Butt on a Bike

With Spring in the air and the weather getting warmer, start considering your bike as a method of transportation. Pull that sucker out of the corner of your garage that you stashed it in, dust it off and take it to the nearest bike shop for a tune up. Now, park it where you can actually get to it and set a goal to ride it (one day a week, two days a week, everyday….) It’s important to remember that no one expects you to be training for the Tour de France, but everyone has to start somewhere. So take a short jaunt around the neighborhood, ride with your family, or find a great trail to get away from it all.

For our female readers, we have one and only one recommendation for you: Invest in a proper ladies seat for your bike. Let’s face it. Today’s bike seats were not designed for our female tushies. The discomfort of a standard seat often puts off lady riders, but with a few extra dollars spent on a seat that fits you properly you can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Beginning an exercise regimen is always challenging, but with Spring in the air, now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to new beginnings. Let’s get moving!

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