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Medical Toursim: Medical Procedures in Mexico

Medical tourism is a trend that has been growing by leaps and bounds for a number of years, with many people seeking to have their medical procedures in Mexico. While a major factor in the growth of the Mexican medical tourism industry is it’s substantial affordability, due to the high volume of specialized procedures performed, Mexico also now plays host to a vast talent pool of highly-experienced, world class physicians.

When taking into consideration that the cost of medical treatment in Mexico averages 50% less than in the US, with prices often as low as one fifth, even when you add in travel expenses it is a much more affordable option to cross the border for health care, especially for the under- or non-insured. This is especially ture when it comes to weight loss procedures like vertical sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypasses.

Mexican hospitals and doctors have been performing certain weight loss procedures for even longer than doctors in the United States and are quickly gaining a world-reknown reputation for excellence and quality of care. This is further evidenced by a report from Washington advocacy group (for health care issues), Families USA that showed that 90 percent of patients traveling to Mexico for medical treatment rated their experience as good or excellent, while only 80 percent of those who remained in the US for treatment gave the same rating.

With many types of weight loss surgeries normally not being covered by US health insurance plans, many US employers have been turning to health care plans that cover treatment in Mexico instead of the US to both save money and take better care of their employees. Last year it was reported that over 1 million people from the US headed to places in Mexico like Monterrey, Tijuana and Cancun for health care.

When searching for a hospital or clinic for any medical procedure in Mexico, it is important to look for facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission International and participate in educational exchange programs with the US´s top medical facilities. These hospitals offer the best in world class service, along with the highest trained doctors, latest equipment and offer the biggest savings as most of their business is on referral basis not from spending millions on glitzy advertising campaigns to attract new clients each year.

So, if you are considering medical tourism for your next procedure, you have a great opportunity to find a highly-experienced, qualified physician at a more reasonable price just south of the border.

If you are looking for alternative options to bariatric surgery in the US or Canada, and are interested in learning more about bariatric surgery in Mexico, contact one of our knowledgeable care facilities today!

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