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How to Find the Right Bariatric Surgeon for You

When self paying for surgery, many patients choose to travel away from home for surgery due to economic and other reasons. The most important goal is to choose the best surgeon for your money. However, cost alone should not be the main criteria. Do not bargain shop when the surgeon you choose will literally be holding your life in his/her hands, cost should be at the bottom of your list. While you want to find a price you can afford, there are other factors that should be at the top of your list.

  • Select a qualified “Bariatric” surgeon, not a surgeon that has just been trained in one weight loss procedure. You want to receive good factual information, not one sided information just to sway you into having the only surgery that surgeon performs.

  • Choosing a surgeon experienced in more than one procedure is beneficial in the event you experience poor weight loss and desire a revision or to be converted to another surgery.

  • Check to be sure your surgeon is board certified.

  • If your surgery will be performed using the laparoscopic approach, ask about the surgeon’s laparoscopic training and experience.

  • Find out how many bariatric surgeries the surgeon has performed?

  • Is he/she a member of any bariatric, endoscopic or laparoscopic organizations?

  • Ask to see any other relevant certifications or affiliations?

  • Which hospital is the surgeon on staff of and/ or affiliated with? Research the hospital.

  • Understand how many surgeries a day the surgeon performs? Will you get personal attention, good care and follow up or does the surgeon do so many surgeries per day that they virtually have a revolving door?

The staff at Ready4aChange is happy to help you answer all of these important questions. If you need any assistance at all, we are here to help!

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