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Dr. Hector Perez, Bariatric Surgeon, Cancun

Dr. Hector Perez is an experienced board certified surgeon specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery in Cancun. Today he discusses the importance of the bariatric surgery pre-op diet.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr. Perez. I am a bariatric surgeon here in Cancun. I just want to go through some questions that usually the patients ask me before surgery.

Why is the Bariatric Surgery Pre-op Diet Important and How Long Does it Need to Be Done For?

They want to know why is the pre-op diet important and how long they need to do it. The pre-op diet is important and decreases the risks of surgery because your liver that usually in high BMI patients sits on top of the stomach gets in the way of the surgery so in order for us to do the surgery we have to raise your liver. When you stick to the pre-op diet, a low carb pre-op diet for 7-15 days your liver shrinks almost to half of it’s size. Its not in the way of the surgery, the surgery can be done faster. And obviously If the surgery lasts less than an hour the recovery time is going to be much sooner and you are going to start feeling better the next day. So that’s why it’s really, really important to stick to the pre-op diet.

What Happens if I Don’t Do the Bariatric Surgery Pre-op Diet?

We also get questions about what happens if I don’t do the pre-op diet? Well, the surgery certainly can be done, but it also talks a lot about the patient. If the patient that knows he’s going to go through surgery, take the risk of the surgery, can’t stick to a pre-op diet of 7 days, its telling us that probably even with surgery the results are not going to be as good as we should expect. So really try always to stick to your pre-op diet.

Is the Bariatric Pre-op Diet the Same for Everyone?

The pre-op diet is not the same for everyone. It is the same diet but if you have a low BMI of 33 with diabetes hypertension, you can do a 5-7 day pre-op diet and that’s going to be more than enough. But if you have a BMI of above 50, we need you to do the pre-op diet for at least three weeks. But we always tell the patient exactly how many days you need to do the pre-op diet when we get your requests.

I hope this answers your questions.

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