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5 Tips for Getting Through a Clear Liquid Diet

Whether you are prepping for bariatric surgery or a colonoscopy, chances are you are dreading having to restrict yourself to a clear liquid diet – especially for those of us whose life has centered around food for so long. But it doesn’t have to be so bad if you take into account a few simple tips.

Tip One: Let Them Fend for Themselves

Stop feeding everybody else! There’s nothing worse than feeling deprived and having to prepare food for someone else enjoy in front of you. Give your family the heads up that they are on their own for meal preparation during your clear liquid diet.

Tip Two: Mmmmmm, Soup

Soup bouillon or broth is your friend. In the midst of all the fruit juices and vitamin drinks, it’s such a relief to drink something that actually tastes hearty at meal time.

Tip Three: Skip the Booze

No alcohol. Yes, I’m sure you’ve consulted Dr. Google and have discovered that white wine is technically considered a clear liquid, but alcohol prior to any medical procedure is unwise – especially when consumed on an empty stomach.

Tip Four: Variety is Your Friend

Purchase a variety of different beverages prior to actually starting your clear liquid diet. This is a great time to stand in the beverage aisle and grab an assortment of different teas and vitamin drinks. Consult your specific diet instructions, but many will allow for jello and treats like gummy bears, but see Tip Five below!

Tip Five: Monitor Your Caffeine and Sugar Intake

Limit your amount of caffeine and sugar. Caffeine is a diuretic and loading yourself up with sugary beverages all day long is not only unhealthy, but it will make you feel jittery and gross. Additionally, some research indicates that massive amounts of sugary beverages can increase the chance of urinary tract infections, which you definitely don’t need.

It is always imperative to remember you must follow the instructions you receive from your own medical professional, for you may have specific requirements for your procedure or individual health concerns. The most important thing is to remember to stay positive and remember that this is temporary!

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