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The following 4 habits that can prevent obesity will help you keep drastic weight gain at bay. While some people suffer from obesity due to genetics, prescription medications, or underlying illness, others find it’s a series of lifestyle choices that inevitably cause their condition. You can take charge of your life and your body with these 3 healthy habits.

Start Sleeping

One underlying reason for sudden weight gain might be sleep deprivation. Our bodies need sleep to recoup, rest, and rejuvenate. If you’re missing out on quality sleep time, the scale may be reflecting the effects. Lack of sleep means lack of energy the next day. It makes sense that you won’t exercise or be as active or productive as you could be if you’re skimping on your zzz’s the night before. Make bedtime a relaxing ritual. Instead of having a snack or a caffeinated beverage, opt for a warm glass of milk or tea. Turn off your television while you’re sleeping, and be sure to dim the lights to induce a deep state of calm. Regular nightly sleep will improve your overall mood and health and can prevent inactivity and overeating.

Eat Nuts and Seeds

Food cravings can be the cause of obesity, especially when they’re overfed. Try replacing one craving with a healthier choice to reduce your caloric intake and prevent binging. Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, salty sunflower seeds can be quite satisfying. Dried berries and blended smoothies can curb a sweet tooth. Don’t discount all the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate. Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth with ice cream, break off a square of dark chocolate and savor the richness. Get used to replacing bad food habits with better choices and you will reap the benefits.

Go Outside

It’s important for your body and mind to get outside and unwind. If you’re sitting at an office chair all day long, your inactivity could lead to obesity, especially when paired with poor lifestyle choices. Make a point to take a short walk every single day. It doesn’t have to be far or take too long, but it will certainly feel good, help with circulation, and tone your muscles. Whether you’re experiencing a food craving or back pain from sitting all day, daily outside activity can help prevent weight gain.

Be Social

Are you guilty of eating out of mere boredom? Snackers often nibble when they’re bored, lonely, or depressed. It’s important to understand the emotions that lead to your food cravings and overeating, and then take control. Make new friends and be social whenever the hunger pains hit. Online support groups, church acquaintances, book club members, and even parent groups can be a welcoming solution to an otherwise solitary lifestyle. Reach out in your local community, volumnteer for organizations you’re passionate about, and get involved and off the couch. Being a social butterfly will stimulate your interests, energy levels, and your confidence. Bonus- you might lose weight!

We Can Help

We are a product of our choices, but that doesn’t mean obesity has to be a life sentence. Ready4aChange facilitates bariatric procedures with trusted Mexico weight loss surgeons. Contact us today to learn more, and start living the life you deserve. We did it, and so can you!

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